From Despair to Aware


It is possible to transform a life of despair to one of awareness.
I know because I’ve done it.
-Stephanie Kathan

Two weeks prior to writing this blog post, I downloaded Stephanie Kathan’s New book: From Despair to Aware. I must say, that after reading Stephanie’s book…..I had to feature Stephanie’s Story on the Fabulous Woman Blog.

In fact, Stephanie is one of the most inspired women that I know. We have been friends on Facebook since 2009 and I have watched her go from owning a store selling all natural soaps to hosting her very own talk show, becoming a speaker, writing inspirational books and so much more.

In the book from Despair to Aware..Stephanie shares her story about how she grew up in  a home with Alcoholic parents; grew up in hotels from one end of the country to another. She lived in poverty for many years; was in abusive relationships, ended up being homeless and even had a nervous breakdown!

Moreover, in Stephanie’s book, she shared a story about her ill mother. Stephanie’s mother was only given 8-weeks to live until one of her Church members decided to visit her hospital room and read the bible to her everyday as if she was not sick.

Stephanie’s mom went on to live for another 17 years after her illness and passed away in 2005. After reading that testimony about her mom, I was reminded that the word of God is very powerful and it gives Life.

Furthermore, after Stephanie  shared her journey of despair, she also shared how she made it to awareness. Stephanie is no longer living on welfare; she learns only from the best, she is 85 pounds lighter and has become a master of her life!!

I want to invite you to join me in reading Stephanie’s book. Download your copy today! (click here)

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Stephanie you are truly a Fabulous Woman!

Shiketa Morgan

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