My Discovery About Coffee

Several years ago  I bought a book that gives you tips on how to boost your brain power and enhance your memory. Yes…I noticed that I was a little forgetful, so this book caught my eye.

One of the tips in the book was to drink coffee to boost your brain power. So, when I started to feel tired or sluggish, I would run for the coffee.

Several days prior to writing this blog post, I noticed after I  drank a cup of coffee, I was experiencing some sharp pains on the side of my head and my blood pressure was elevated.

This prompted me to stop the coffee! I noticed after stopping the coffee, my headaches went away and my blood pressure was normal.

After that discovery, I thought…OH My GOSH!! I love drinking coffee!!  But..NO MORE COFFEE FOR ME!

Then I thought, And my heart health is more important than that cup of coffee. I’ve decided to stick to drinking herbal teas. In fact, after drinking my herbal teas, I feel ” fabulous” and drinking tea does not raise my blood pressure or cause headaches. (Be sure to click the hyper link to read about the tea that lowers your blood pressure)

This post is not meant to keep you from drinking coffee, however, I want to encourage you to pay attention to what happens to your body after drinking coffee.

Check out this article that I found online titled: How does it (coffee) affect your blood pressure?

With Healthy Living in mind,



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