A Life Changing Experience at The Joyce Meyers Womens Conference 2012

Several weeks before writing this blog post, I was driving down the highway and saw a Joyce Meyers conference billboard. The billboard reminded me to register for the conference. In fact, the last time that I attended a Joyce Meyers Conference was in 2005 and it was an Life Changing experience.

This years conference was a record breaking attendance at over 20,000 + women packed in the Edward Jones Dome from all over the world in Downtown St.Louis.

I am not going to bore you with every little detail, however, I will tell you that  the Worship was awesome and the presence of God was in every service. In fact, on Friday September 21, 2012, the presence of God was so thick that there was a moment where my body was trembling, everyone was on one accord and worshipping God.

(Me and My Friend Kathy


The message of the Conference was: Hope and the word for the weekend was AMAZING GOD!

Joyce Meyers shared from her life Journals of over 30 years from being in ministry and I must tell you that her story gave over 20,000+ women hope.

Joyce Meyers shared her Journal entry about how she used to pray for towels, skillets, money for her kid’s school clothes and her journey overcoming breast cancer. Also, how her conferences grew from only  65 women to now over 20,000+ women.

She gave me hope! I was reminded that when you simply pray, believe God, Look for the amazing things that God is doing in our lives and don’t give up; you will see your harvest!

The Life Changing Moment

The last session of the conference, Joyce told all the women to never speak another bad word about themselves. I believe this includes:

  • I’m too fat
  • I don’t like how my clothes fit
  • I don’t like my hair and so on…

In fact, she inspired us to look in the mirror and say something nice about our selves. It was a life changing moment for me, because I had been saying negative things about my self. I notice as I turned 38, my skin started changing, my facial features began to change and over the last year, I have been too focused on what I did not like about my body.

Now my confession is….I am fearfully and wonderfully made!

In summary, Joyce inspired all the women to stop injecting their thoughts into every situation in their life and speak the word of God over their lives.

I agreed 100% with Joyce, because the good book tells us that God’s Thoughts are higher than ours.

Again, I have hope that In God’s Timing that my business will manifest into what God destined it to be; I hope that my marriage will continue to be what God has designed it to be and my Kids will amaze me with their lives.

I put everything in my life in God’s hands and  I have been refreshed with hope. Most of all I hope that this blog post has given you some home.

Check out some of the quotes from Joyce Meyers and Speaker Pastor Kris Cain.

Quotes by Joyce Meyers

“If we will live amazed, we will never be without hope”

” The more I am amazed by God, the more others will be amazed.”

“God Should be leading and we should be following.”

“Doctrines steal the power of God”

My Thank You Note To Joyce Myers

Quotes by Kris Cain

” The promises of God has no expiration date”

“God prepares you for the thing that he has already prepared for you.”

I challenge you to start Looking for the Amazing Things that God is doing in your Life…

With Hope in Mind,



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