Time to Get Rid of the Energy Drainers

tired woman

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Are you frequently feel tired? Overwhelmed and hungry for more energy? Could it be that you have too many energy drainers in your life?

Back in December 2012I began to reflect on what was stilling my focus and draining my energy. So, I began to journal how I felt after a day of running my business, writing or even coaching.

Guess what I discovered was stealing my energy and focus? Too much time on social media and checking my cell phone all day.  My cell phone was plugged into five social media sites,  three email accounts, along with  text messages from my loved ones.

There were times, where I would shut my phone off, because I started to  feel like I had to check the phone quite often.  In fact, the phone was so over loaded with apps and  notifications; that  the battery would die half way through my day.

The energy in your body is like a battery, if you over use it; you will feel drained or even run out of energy for what really matters in your life. With that in mind, I encourage you to unplug from things that drain your energy and do more of what energizes you!

In 2013, I decided to do more of what I love because that energizes me, spend more time with family, write those ebooks that have been in my spirit to write for a year and stop wasting precious energy on things that really do not matter.

What is draining your energy? What energizes you? I look forward to reading your comments below.



2 responses to “Time to Get Rid of the Energy Drainers

  1. What drains my energy?
    Some women at my job. The few that can’t take constructive criticism & backstab you. Worst part, I’ve just learned my assistant is the leader. NOT GOOD!

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