Living From Your Higher Self Begins With Allowing Others To Be Right


As your practice allowing others to be right,

you are beginning to live from your higher self rather than your ego!

~Dr. Wayne Dyer

When someone is talking to you, do you find yourself slipping into the mode of feeling rejected, angry or defenseless about how you are being talked to? If so, the next time this happens remind yourself to abstain from thinking harmful or angry thoughts as recommended by Dr. Wayne Dyer in his book, There’s a Spiritual Solution to every problem.

I don’t know about you…..but I will be the first to admit that I needed a little help in this area. In Fact, before reading Dr. Dyers book, I was easily angered or offended if others did not respond to me in a manner that I thought they should.

However, after reading Dr. Dyer’s book, I must say that now I choose to keep the peace in every conversation, even if it means to just let the other person think that they are right. Today I am going to share with you a tool that I discovered while reading Dr. Dyer’s book. Let’s dive right into it!

Dr. Dyer recommends that you use the following words if you find yourself feeling angry about how you are being talked to and they are as follows: “You are right about that!” First say it internally and then say it out-loud.

Avoid saying it in a sarcastic manner. By using those words, you are  simply allowing the other person to be right, which is all their ego really wants. However, according to Dr. Dyer, this tool does not make the other person right, it merely allows someone to believe  that they are and it allows “you” to abstain from harmful thoughts.

Moreover, Dr. Dyer believes that as you practice allowing others to be right, you are beginning to live from your higher self rather than your ego!

As you practice this tool over and over again, this will eventually be your way of reacting to others, especially if they are insulting you.

If you need more convincing that this tool works, let’s take a look at the story of the Buddha and the insulting traveler. Buddha was tested by a fellow traveler for 3-days. In fact, every day for 3-days when the Buddha spoke, the traveler would insult him by calling home a fool and ridiculing him. At the end of three days, the traveler noticed that the Buddha responded to him with love and kindness. Moreover, the traveler asked the Buddha, “How is it that you are able to be so loving and kind when all I’ve done for the past three days is dishonor and offend you?

The Buddha Responded, ” When someone offers you a gift of their insults, and you refuse to accept them, they obviously, still belong to the original giver. And why would you choose to be upset or angry over something that belonged to someone else?

If it is possible, as far as it depends on you,

live at peace with everyone.

~Romans 12:18

As you can see, you have the power to refuse the insults and negativity of others! I look forward to reading your thoughts about this post, Also I recommend that you get your copy of Dr. Dyers Book, There’s a Spiritual Solution to every Problem.


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