If You Don’t Like The Way Your Body Looks…Do Something About It!



Several months ago, I decided to try a Vegetarian diet. In fact, I paid a Vegan health consultant to guide me through the process of becoming a Vegetarian or aVegan.

I was compelled to try a Vegetarian or Vegan diet, because the vegetarian’s that I was acquainted with looked very healthy and their skin had a radiant glow!
My first Vegan diet lasted for approximately 2 months, simply because I ran out of Vegetarian food ideas.  However, while I was on a meat-less diet, I lost 15 pounds and I felt great!

Several months after going back to a diet that included meat, the weight came back and it came back rapidly. In fact, the weight came back and it included some extra belly fat.

Recently, I went on an adventure to lose my belly fat, because I know that belly fat can be toxic to your health. So, I tried cutting the carbs and even doing some sit-ups; nothing worked. This is when I decided that the one thing that helped to change the look of my body was for me to cut the meat out of my diet and to eat more whole foods.

One week before writing this blog post, I decided not to consume any more meat and I have been quite successful and guess what? My belly has been shrinking in size.

Moreover, I have included a Cardio work out to my lifestyle (by Cardio Queen) and reading lots of health books to increase my knowledge about health & wellness.

I shared my story with you to inspire you to pay close attention to your body changes and do what is necessary for you maintain a healthy body.

I have a family history of many diseases that I choose not to name in this blog post, however, my goal is to enjoy the rest of my years on this earth living a healthy lifestyle.

Here’s a challenge for you: Are you happy with the way that your body looks? If not, it’s time to do something about it.  If you want something different, you must do something different.

You only have one body here on this earth, so you might as well have a Fabulous & Healthy Body!  I look forward to your comments in the space below.


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