It is Time To Pick-Up Those Shattered Pieces

Robin Holloway shares her Glass House Story….

Growing up in a home with two alcoholic parents was quite the tumultuous experience. Functioning without ever knowing when, “all hell would break loose” my environment left me asking God the question, “Why me”?

My book “I once Lived in a Glass House,” was written to uplift and encourage those who may have a similar life experience as mine. If you have found it difficult to develop autonomous relationships, forgiving those who have hurt you and forgetting the shame of the past, then this book was written in love for you.

“I Once Lived in a Glass House,” is also about making relevant choices to change your own perspective regarding the way you look at others and how they in response perceive you.

The interesting thing about glass is that it has transparent material with dual capabilities which may include a panoramic view. Not only can others see in, but those who are inside can look out as well from every angle within the structure. Glass is also a raw material which means its form can be changed into any shape and its purpose can be altered.

One thing that I know about glass is that it was intended to shine

and if not handled properly, it will shatter due to its fragile nature.”

It is because of the fragility of glass that I chose my title. The main intent of writing this book is to assist you in picking up those shattered pieces….

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