A Fabulous Trip to Vegas

On my 17th wedding anniversary my husband and I decided to take a trip to Las Vegas. This was our first trip to Vegas and we loved every moment of the Vegas. In fact, this was my first time riding on an airplane and it was also a relaxing experience.

When the plane started to enter into the city of Vegas, I could not help but to notice all of the hotels below and the view of the mountains.

The view of Vegas was like no other and  I was at awe from the sky!

Upon departing the plane, we were greeted by slot machines and I realized that we have arrived in Vegas. Some of the passengers on the plane was so excited and they were yelling: YEAH…..VEGAS!!!

I am getting excited writing this blog and I want to inspire you to take a Fabulous trip to Vegas when possible; it is a place that you must see.


Venetian Hotel. Great Stores and ride Gondola Boats!

What I loved most about Vegas

  • The Palm trees
  • The windy weather
  • All of the Prestigious and Fabulous Hotels
  • The Shopping
  • The Gondola Boat Ride
  • The Reef Aquarium (Mandalay Bay Hotel)
  • Caesars Palace
  • The beautiful Water Fountains
  • The affordable dining
  • The Convenient Bus ride for only $7 dollars a day on the strip
  • The Outlet Mall
  • The party spirit of the city
  • The way the city is lit of at night!

Vegas Travel Tips

As we were leaving the airport, I noticed that the temperature outdoors was well above 100 degrees. In other words, it was HOT!! Here are some fabulous travel tips to make your trip to Vegas more enjoyable:

  • Wear sun screen
  • bring your sunglasses
  • Dress lite
  • Drink plenty of water
  • bring some tennis shoes
  • Bring a Sun Hat
  • Sun dresses are perfect for the evening
  • Go outside before 2pm and after 5pm
  • Be sure to visit Fremont Street!

My Favorite Places

  • Venetian Hotel
  • Caesars Palace
  • MGM Hotel
  • The Outlet Mall
  • Circus Circus Hotel
  • Stratosphere Hotel
  • Mandalay bay (Aquarium)
  • The Fashion Mall

Are You Afraid to Fly on a Plane?

As I mentioned in my blog post above, this was my first trip on an airplane and I want to share with you 5 ways to get over your fear of flying:

  1. Just do it
  2. Take a really good book to read
  3. Don’t think too much about the plane ride, thing about your destination
  4. Talk with other passengers
  5. Enjoy the refreshment and chew gum

Check out the slide show of my Vegas photos that my husband and I took while visiting Vegas:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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