Deborah Francis is Living Her Heart’s Desire

You do not stop dreaming at age 5.
As long as your dreams and desires are based on integrity
the world is ready to see what you can manifest today.
~Deborah Francis
One year ago Deborah Francis expressed to me that she had a desire to be a Speaker and today I am watching her live her hearts desire! In fact, she has motivated me to follow my hearts desire and to stay focus on what I want until I see it manifest in my life.
Moreover, Deborah has encouraged me to flow in my gift of writing, start other businesses, she invited me to write the forward to her new book, The Joy of Healthy Living and over a period of three years, we have become accountability partners in business. Furthermore,  I must say that she is Quite a Fabulous Woman!
I decided to feature Deborah on the Fabulous Woman Blog, because I believe that her story and life will inspire you to follow your hearts desires.
Shiketa:  Deborah, How does it feel to live out your Heart’s desires?
Deborah Francis: It feels like I am Blessed to live out my purpose and plan to speak life into others. Everything that has happened in my life has prepared me for this moment. Speaking in front of audiences may they be large or small is exhilarating. Many people are looking for encouragement, motivation and inspiration. When I open my mouth my purpose is to express that an overwhelming abundance of creativity resides in each and every one of us and the key to unleash our God-given talents resides in taking action today.

Shiketa: Why do you love being a speaker?

Deborah Francis: It is a fun and motivational lifestyle that can only be expressed as gratitude to my audience when I see  when I am speaking they are leaning forward attentively waiting for the next word to be said as they shake their head saying “Yes!” in agreement. I know that the words that I speak have the potential to change someone’s legacy so I choose my words wisely and speak from my heart.

Shiketa: How has becoming a speaker changed your life?

Deborah Francis: I travel more and I am always in awe of no matter where I go I feel that I meet people who are willing vessels to be poured into.

Shiketa: Do you believe that a woman should always follow her heart?

Deborah Francis: I feel that all women should hone their level of resilience to push until they manifest their most ardent desires. You do not stop dreaming at age 5. As long as your dreams and desires are based on integrity the world is ready to see what you can manifest today.

Shiketa:What would you say to a woman who has dreams in her heart, but is afraid to leave a job or a career?

Deborah Francis: It takes just as much work to develop and run your own business as it does to work for someone else. But the caveat is what you build today in regards to your business can be left as a legacy for your children or loved ones to carry on for many generations to come.
What is your heart’s desire? Has Deborah’s story motivated you to live your heart’s desire? Feel free to post your comments.
About Deborah: Deborah Francis is the Chairwoman & CEO of The Joy of Healthy Living and the Co-founder of Built To Prosper Companies.

Deborah is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker and serves as the Chief Operating Officer of CASH ONLY Productions & Loyal Leadership Inc.

Deborah obtained an undergraduate degree in English from Hobart and William Smith Colleges. Deborah later went on to pursue a Masters degree of Secondary Education in English at Lehman College, the City University of New York. Deborah served as an educator for over 15 years, expanding the thought process of our youth spanning grades K-12. Determined and motivated describes Deborah’s focus toward helping others master their lives by planning their destiny. She knows that empowerment resides in the minds of those who seek solutions and put them into action.

Connect with Deborah at Deborah Francis Companies Website:

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