The Fabulous Place of Rest and Peace

Are you constantly on the move? Do you feel that you have to be busy doing something? Are you wishing for more hours in the day? After a busy day, do you feel like you need a vacation?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, I am quite sure that you can use more rest and peace in your life. Today I want to show you how to find it.

As women, we tend to feel the need to be busy at home and at work. In fact, many women feel a sense of guilt if they just kick back and let go. Yes…Kick back and let go!

My husband told me several week ago, ” Baby you need to relax.” He saw how frustrated I was getting  with my business and at home. Sometimes it’s difficult to balance the two; however, when you enter into a place of rest and peace…you will have more energy to accomplish all that is on your plate in this life.

1. Relax. Plan a quiet time every day where you can let go, close your eyes and be still.

2. Think Peaceful Thoughts. Forget about what’s wrong and develop an attitude of gratitude. Find something to be thankful for and express your gratitude out loud.

3. Live in the Moment. Enjoy every moment of your day and just be.

4. Stop Striving. Focus on what you can do and stop striving so hard to accomplish too many things. If it feels like you are putting forth too much effort; then you are.

5. Prayer. Prayer is that sacred time between you and God. In fact, God is the source of peace and rest. Most importantly, when you diligently connect with God on a daily basis; you will enter into that place of peace and rest.

I am currently reading the book, The 40 Day Soul Fast and I want to share this excerpt from the book with you: “When I think of effortlessness, I think of entering God’s rest a major theme throughout the Bible. In Matthew 11:29 9NLT),Jesus said, “Take My Yoke upon you. let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”

With Your Peace in mind,



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