Join Me in Reading A Fabulous Soul Changing Book


Yesterday I downloaded a book titled, “The 40-Day Soul Fast.” I knew that the book would be life changing because it is written by a Fabulous Woman of God…..Dr. Cindy Trimm. I have been following Dr. Cindy Trimm online now for about a year. Also, I have watched her speak on television countless times and at churches all across the world.

Dr. Trimm is on a mission to empower and inspire others to live authentic lives. Moreover, I was attracted to Cindy because of her biblical beliefs and her passion for personal development. Furthermore, I love how she causes you to change the way that you think and take authority over your life.

As I began to read Dr. Trimm’s book, It seemed like I was eating a steak dinner. In fact, after reading each page, I literally had to stop and meditate on the wealth of wisdom that was on each page. In fact, my decision to buy the book has already changed my life and fueled my passion for doing what I love!

As I read the book, I feel like a butterfly that is coming out of a Cocoon!

In the preface of the book, Dr. Trimm included a powerful quote by Dr. Phil and here it is: “Give yourself permission to be your authentic self.”  Just in case you are wondering what your authentic self is, In the book Dr. Trimm describes your authentic self as a state of being able to be yourself without the fear of others judging you!

I hope that you have inspired to join me on this 40-Day Soul Fast. Get your Book Today!!!  Be sure to follow my Soul fast post on Facebook and Twitter!

With a Fabulous Life in Mind,

Shiketa Morgan


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