The Fabulous Journey of Motherhood

Out of all that I do on my Journey, the one thing that I do that gives me the most fulfillment; is the joy of being a Mother.

I was inspired to write this blog post as I watch my son at his 21st birthday dinner. In fact, I was so excited to celebrate his 21st birthday (on March 12, 2012) with him along with the love of his life, my husband, mother, sister, my daughter and my nephew.

Moreover, as we ate dinner I reflected on how fast my children have grown up and how I wish the time would slow down. The picture that you see above was taken on a family vacation in Branson, Missouri back in the summer of 2009. Every summer I enjoy taking my children on a family vacation and I hope that they carry the tradition of family vacations into their families.

I shared this blog post with you to encourage you to enjoy your journey as a mother. I have discovered that when our children are young, we spend time planning birthday parties, changing diapers and wishing that we can get some quiet time. Then in the teenage years come and we wonder….WHAT HAPPENED TO MY CHILD!

Then…..when they get in their twenties, they start a life of their own and they need you even more, because life becomes real to them when they get out into the world.

My daughter has two more years in high school (as I write this blog post) and my focus right now is to inspire her to do a great job in school, work, prep her for going to college, learn how to manage her money and to make great decisions in life. I know this time will also go fast, however, I am enjoying it.

My hope is that I have modeled a great motherhood to my children, so that my son picks a great mom for his children and my daughter becomes a great mom to her children.

Are you a mother? What have you enjoyed the most about being a mother? I look forward to your comments.

With motherhood in mind,



4 responses to “The Fabulous Journey of Motherhood

  1. Thank you for this post. I am in the midst of my motherhood journey right now (with a preteen) and I am noticing many changes as he transforms into a young man. I decided to blog about my experiences as a way to view my journey from the outside looking in and to share with others who may be going down a similar path. I will say that even through the rocky moments, I am thankful for my journey. I do appreciate taking notes from mothers who have managed to get beyond the teen years. This was very enlightening for me. Thanks again.

    • Thee Pre-teen years are a time to remember. It takes much patience in this season. I am so glad that this post has enlightened you on your Journey of motherhood. I wish you many wonderful years with your son.

  2. Now that my children (24 and 20) are young adults, I can sit back and enjoy the marvelous human beings they have become while thinking, “Yeah, my husband and I did a good job,” and look forward to our special Sunday time together.

    • I agree Jane, it is a wonderful feeling to sit back and watch the marvelous human beings that you children have become. Thanks for sharing your Journey as a mother!

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