How To Find Your True and Authentic Self

One thing that my mother has always taught me was: To tell the truth! I believe that she also meant for me true to your self. I have a question to ask you? Do you really know who you are?

As women we get so busy taking care of our families, running our businesses and running to our girl friends for advice, that we forget to really discover who we are.

When Did I Start To Discover My True and Authentic Self

To be quite honest with you, I really did not discover myself true Authentic self until I was in my early 30’s. In fact, I believe that’s when the light came on! The light was shining on the issues from my childhood, why I was in so many dis-functional  relationships, why I was not giving my all to my marriage and that’s when I discovered many of my character flaws.

I know….I was a mess,(Laughing). However, this blog post is about how we should be true and authentic with ourselves. By now you are probably wondering how I discovered my true and authentic self.

Again, I must be authentic with you, I am still on my Journey of discovering my True and Authentic Self and I must say that I love what I am discovering about Shiketa.

In a mode of reflection while on vacation

How Has My Journey Been Discovering My True and Authentic Self

I must say that it has been quite amazing, because I have discovered things about myself that I simply did not know was there. Also, I am in the process of saying good-bye to my old mindset and getting rid of old habits that take me back to my old way of doing things.

Moreover, as I change, I notice that my circumstances and relationships change. The people who can handle the change, they change with me and the ones that do not want to change, they leave my life or we socialize less frequently.

At the age of 38, I am so excited about what I have discovered about Shiketa and I am looking forward to discovering more about me in my fabulous 40’s.

What Have I discovered

  • I have discovered that I love to empower and inspire others
  • I love being a mom and married to a man who listens to my heart desires
  • Having a whole and healthy family is very important to me
  • Material things do not make me
  • I was created to write and teach
  • I look for the good in others
  • I love to read, because reading increases my wisdom and it feeds my mind and spirit
  • I do not seek to impress others, but to inspire them to change
  • I love being an entrepreneur…this is where I really discovered my creative side
  • I think for myself and do not allow others to manipulate me with their thoughts or emotions

6 Ways to Discovering or Being Your True and Authentic Self

Today I want to share with you how you can discover your true and Authentic self. Many of these tips; I have tried personally.

  1. Deal with or face the issues of your childhood that may be affecting you as an adult. This can be done by seeking professional help, by joining support groups or even in prayer to your heavenly father.
  2. Hang around women that have discovered their true and authentic self. Most importantly, hang around women who are not afraid to tell you the truth and who are not intimidated by the woman who you are.
  3. Get to know yourself by spending lots of quiet time alone. Be sure to take a journal with you to write down your thoughts. You will discover so much more about yourself when you are in a quiet place.
  4. Read self-help books that inspires you to become a fabulous and a whole woman. If you are not happy with the way that you are, you can change it.
  5. Don’t settle for anything that is less than God’s best for you. This includes a profession or relationships. I’m not saying just jump up an quit your job or leave a relationship. However, I am saying to be more reflective about your profession and relationships to determine if it is in God’s will for you. God will allow us to do things and then allow us to see that it was not in his will for us.
  6. Be an Original not a copy cat!

I hope that you have been inspired to discover your true and authentic self. There will be more post to follow this one, because I strongly believe that it takes years to discover our true and authentic self.

Talk back to me. What are your thoughts about this blog post? How has it inspired you to discover your True and Fabulous Authentic self?

To Discovering Your Fabulous Self,


Recommending Reading

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