Do You Need To Get Away From It All?

Are you feeling tired, stressed or irritated on a regular basis? If you answered yes to that question; this may be an indication that it is time for you to get a way from it all.

I’m not talking about getting on an airplane and going to the Bahamas, I am referring to getting away from it all by pampering your self with a regular massage.

For the last four years, I plan to get away from it all at least twice a month for a 1-hour massage. In fact, Massage therapy is a great way to De-stress your body and to schedule some “ME” time. Moreover, it is a wonderful way to get what I call;  a 1-hour Get-Away!

After a one-hour massage, I feel like I just got back from a vacation! Also, I feel so relaxed, refreshed, rejuvenated and there is such calmness and clarity in my mind. I want to inspire you to schedule your Get-Away with a monthly massage!

Massage therapy also has many health benefits including:

  • reducing blood pressure
  • releasing cancer cells and toxins from the body
  • boosting your immune system
  • helps to manage depression and anxiety

I hope that you have been inspired to plan a monthly get away with a monthly massage, because you deserve it!

Shiketa Morgan, Fabulous Woman

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