Inspiration To Take Care of Your Body

Recently I was turning onto a walgreens parking lot and saw a large mammogram screening truck and it reminded me of the scare that I had back in 2010. Yes, I found several lumps on my breast and I was scared out of my mind to go to the doctor.

I started to think about a former highschool classmate who passed away in her early 30’s from breast cancer and the thought of breast cancer plagued my mind for several days until the day I went to the doctor.

My doctor examined my breast and she confirmed the lumps. Then she scheduled me for a mammogram. As I walked back to the referral office at my doctor’s office, I started to cry and the lady that entered my mammogram, she politely whispered (you are healed in Jesus name). She saw that I was scared and upset.

I honestly believed that she was meant to encourage me. As I went to get my mammogram, I immediately had a calmness to come over me. In fact, I thought about all the healthy foods that I consume along with whole food supplements to help my body to fight off cancer.

After getting the mammogram, I only had to wait about 30-minutes for results, however, that was the longest 30-minutes in my life!

The results were negative and the lumps that I felt were normal. That visit to the doctor inspired me to continue to eat healthy, reduce the stress levels in my body and I also began to wonder about why so many women are getting breast cancer.

My questions are as follows: Is it the deodorant? Is it stress? Is it family history? What ever the cause of Breast cance may be, I want to inspire you not to be consumed with the thought of breast cancer.

In fact, losing a former business mentor to cancer, inspired me to relax more, do more of what I love and allow peaceful and positive thoughts to consume my mind.

Medical experts tell us to examine our breast on a regular basis and I want to inspire you to examine your breast with prevention in mind…not cancer in mind.

Those things that we fear or look for, we just may find. Take care of your body, if something does not feel or look right, go get it checked out. Just like in my situation, it was nothing and the worst part was my thoughts about having breast cancer.

I still conduct regular breast exams along with a daily health proclamation:” I am a Healthy Woman.”  While listening to a video of Tudor Bismark called the “I am Factor,” I heard Bishop Bismark say, “What ever you tell yourself that you are, the universe must respond with that.”

I challenge you to confess healthy proclamations every day! Try it now and I look forward to your thoughts about this blog post. For more health tips, visit my blog, Natural Living 101.

With Healthy Women in Mind,




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