You Were Born to Live a Victorious Life!

I am sure that you have heard this cliche before, ” You can live a victorious life.” Yes it is true! What stops you from living a victorious life?

The answer is you! I recently turned to the back of my bible and looked up the word victory and I was directed to 1Corithians.

1Corithians tells me that we can live a Victorious Life in Christ Jesus. I thought to my self, Why are so many people living like victims and not victorious?

Many of us have been victims of unfortunate circumstances, however, in-spite of your circumstances, you are destined to live a victorious life.

As I write this blog post, we are living in times where, companies are closing, employees are losing jobs, crime is very high and many are feeling like victims.

However, I wrote this blog post to remind you that you can live a victorious life and it begins in your mind. Once you develop victorious thinking, then it will manifest on the outside.

If you are ready to start living a victorious life, start now. Here are seven ways to move from a victim mindset to a victorious mindset:

1. Meditate on Victorious Scriptures
2. Confess it daily that you are victorious
3. Post every scripture or insight that you can find on Victory
4. Do not allow others to make you feel like a victim
5. Stop the pity parties
6. Walk like you have victory
7. Have a victory party with your friends!

With your victory in mind!


One response to “You Were Born to Live a Victorious Life!

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