My Interview With One of the Most Inspired Ladies that I know: ” Chantilly Eggerson”


I think living an inspired life is important and the only type of life to live!

Chantilly started Inspired Lady out of profound life changing experience. Every great thing that has happened in her life has come from inspiration, and she teaches women and young girls how to live in a constant state of inspiration with her weekly inspirational challenges, hosting her radio show “inspired Lady Radio” Writing inspirational affirmations, and speaking in various places around the country.

Chantilly struggled with finding her purpose and understanding self love for most of her life. She has now learned her true purpose and by learning to live an inspired life and wants to help other women and girls find their God given Power and divine nature by living an inspired life as well.

She is currently writing a self help book for teen girls who would like to overcome depression titled “Kick Teenage Depression in the Butt!”

Inspired Lady Radio is the Inspiration Station for women and young ladies. Every Monday Night 8pm EST we have conversations about issues that affect women and teens girls in their everyday lives from an inspired point of view. At Inspired Lady Radio, it’s our mission to show women and young ladies who they are, what they are capable of and to live an inspired life.

 I have been friends with Chantilly on face book for quite some time. In fact, I was recently a guest on her blog talk show. She is such an inspiration to women and I thought I would ask her to be a featured guest on my blog.  Check out my blog interview with Chantilly Eggerson of Inspired Lady Radio!

Shiketa Morgan: What inspired you to start Inspired Lady?

Chantilly Eggerson: What made me start inspired lady was a strong desire to see women come together and support each so we can enlighten, educate, and grow with each other. I wanted us to come together and help and not hurt, and wanted to show us that we can work together. I wanted to be able to share all the little nuggets that God drops in my spirit and share ideas.

Shiketa Morgan: Who inspires you?



3.My parents

4.My grandmother

5.Wayne Dyer

6.Sonia Choquette



9.Any woman who is comfortable in her own skin


Shiketa Morgan: Why is living an inspired life so important to you?


Chantilly Eggerson: I think living an inspired life is important and the only type of life to live I do not believe there is any other way to live and really live. Living an inspired life in my opinion is honoring and respect the real you which is your spirit, and its divine connection with the creator.

Living an inspired Life is cultivating a relationship with your pure magnificence and accepting your invisible self as the truth of who you are.

Before I began to live an inspired life I was depressed for most of my teen and adult life. Living an inspired life is so important to me, because if I hadn’t found the divine power within me, I would still be living in darkness UN aware of my brilliance, I would still feel worthless and hopeless, and I would still be living my life just waiting to die.

Living an inspired life opened my eyes to how much God loves me and wants the best for me and how unstoppable I am because I am a reflection of him.

Shiketa Morgan: If I had an opportunity to meet the person who inspired me the most what would I say to him or her?

Chantilly Eggerson: The person who inspires me the most is Wayne Dyer, I would ask him to write the forward for my book lol! I would have so many questions i don’t know where I would start, but I know I would do more listening than talking.


Shiketa Morgan: What inspires your blog posts and radio show topics?


Chantilly Eggerson:

1. Conversations with clients

2. Thoughts and ideas from my journal

3. Conversations with Dr.Bernadette our co-host and my mother

If I could inspire your readers I would tell them that everything they need is within them. There is nothing that they cannot be, do or have. I would tell them to Follow their dreams follow your curiosities and listen to their spirit.

I would tell them they have no reason to feel ashamed or guilty about their past or who they are I would tell them that they are powerful, Lovable and unstoppable I would tell them God loves them and the world is waiting for them to share their genius.


Shiketa Morgan: Tell me about your upcoming Shows?

Chantilly Eggerson: Topics on my upcoming shows are as follows: “Creating a Relationship with your spirit,” “How to heal yourself”, “I’m too confident for bullies” and “How can I get over him?”

For more information on Chantilly’s Blog Talk Show, Inspired Lady, click here. You can also connect with Chantilly on Facebook! She also writes at great blog, “Kick Teen Depression in the Butt.” Visit her blog today!


I hope that you have been inspired by reading this blog post. I look forward to your inspired feedback.



2 responses to “My Interview With One of the Most Inspired Ladies that I know: ” Chantilly Eggerson”

  1. I too would like to say both Shiketa and Chantilly are inspiring women. It is my privelege to co-host with Chantilly, where Shiketa was one of our special guests. So much imformation and passion. Love her.

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