You Must Choose To Have An Awesome Life


The earth has music for those who listen.~ William Shakespeare

Today as I was checking my email and I noticed the subject line, ” The Three A’s Of Awesome.” I was really compelled to read that email, so I clicked on the link and discovered a short blog post on the In Her Shoes blog, along with a video of a guy talking about bad things that happened to him in his life.

It wasn’t the bad things that he talked about that got my attention, it was how the bad things in his life inspired him to focus on the Awesome things.

Before I share the video with you, I want to take a moment to share an observation that I made of some preschoolers  in my childcare center. I added a new kitchen set, stove and refrigerator in the preschool classroom. The children could not stop looking at it. In fact, they were so at awe, that they could not stay out of that play area. I even heard one of the kids whisper, ” This is cool.”

Later that day, I began to tell a parent about my observation and shared with her that kids are so amazed at the smallest things in life, yet we as adults seem to wait for the big things to enjoy.

That observation and this video that I am about to share with you reminded me that, Life is always Awesome, no matter what happens; it’s all in having a positive outlook and appreciating the small things along the way!

The Three A’s of Awesome



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