Does Your Social Media Bio Reflect Who You Are?

I believe that in Life we should always be going to another level or forever changing. Over the weekend, I was working on my latest e-book, “Healthy Child Care Menus.”

As I was getting ready to share the link to my latest e-book on my Twitter page for my followers to preview a copy of the e-book, I glanced at my bio.

I realized that it was time for me to update my bio. I’m not a big fan of titles, however, I do believe that we should tap into the potential and gifts that are on the inside of us. Moreover, let others know what we are passionate about.

Social media has provided us with a platform to share what we love with the world and to enhance the lives of others through our gifts and talents.

With that in mind, I changed my twitter page bio to assure that it is a reflection of what I love and who I am.  Furthermore, you bio will attract like minded people to you and others that may want what you share have to share with the world.

I challenge you to review your social media bio and evaluate if it really reflects what you love or who you are.

Check out my Twitter page bio—–>

Have a Successful week!


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