My Weight Loss Journey-Part 1

Recently I noticed an increase in belly fat.  In fact, everytime that I look in the mirror, I am reminded that it is time to get focused on eating healthier and lose some unwanted pounds.

Moreover, I have been feeling sluggish lately and not being mindful of what I am eating.  As a mother, business owner, consultant and freelance writer, I have been pouring into the lives of others and slacking in taking care of my health.

Over the last three years I have been very conscious about what I eat and drink, however,  recently I have been slacking in my diet. Two years ago I lost 20 pounds after trying the weightloss tips in Kevin Trudeau’s book, Natural Weightloss Cures they don’t want us to know about.

My  weightloss journey in 2009 was quite successful and I am ready to do it again! The tips that I gained from the book, caused me to come to the conlusion; weightloss is a lifestyle and it is not something that you do once a year.

 My husband does not seem to think that I’ve gained any weight. In fact, he tells me that I am getting older and my body is changing. It is great to have a husband that loves you the way that you are, however, I know that belly fat could lead to health problems and I prefer to get rid of the belly fat.

On August 20, 2011, I decided to stop eating the foods that were contributing to my belly fat and start eating  more foods that help to aid in weightloss. Moreover, start eating foods that help to boost serotonin levels and energize me throughout the day.

In 2010, I was compelled to purchase Dr. Colbert’s book, “I Can Do This Diet” after hearing him speak at my Church.  I purchased the book, because dieting has been a interest of mine over the last three years and I love to blog about natural weightloss remedies.

Also, it seems like it has been effortless for me to gain weight and more of an effort to keep the pounds away in my thirties. I am two years from entering into my 40’s and I want to look and feel great in my fourties.

I am ready to get rid of those extra pounds and in this blog post, I am going to share with you the weightloss breakthroughs that I discovered in Dr. Colbert’s book.

Furthermore, I have already started incorporating many of the tips into my diet and I am already feeling energized from the few changes that I have made over the last 24 hours of writing this blog post.

What to  Avoid

  • Corn
  • No carbs after 6pm
  • White Rice
  • White flour
  • Potatoes
  • White Sugar

As I look at the list above, I feel like I am grieving, because I love corn, rice and baked potatoes. However, I must avoid those foods if I want to lose those unwanted pounds.

Eat Foods with more Fiber

Foods that are high in fiber help to stabilize  blood sugar levels, increase energy, keeps the mind sharp, helps to keep the colon clean and aids in preventing toxins from being reabsorbed in the blood stream.

The less fiber….the hungrier you will be. ~Dr. Don Colbert

Foods High in Fiber





Grape Fruit

Black berries




Whole Grain Bagels


Eat Brain Boosting Snacks in between meals every 3-4 hours


Rice Cakes

Air Popped Popcorn


* Be sure that snacks are no more than 250 Calories

Six Weight Loss Pointers

1. Drink 3-4 cupsof Green or Black Tea  a day

2. Eat breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up in the morning

3. Drink 8 to 10 ounces of water a day

4. No Carbs after 6pm

5. Eat foods that are high in fiber at every meal

6. Use Natural Sweetners: Liquid Agave, Xylitol or Raw Sugar

This blog post is a brief overview of what I’ve gathered from the book, I Can Do This Diet and I hope that you have been inspired by my weightloss journey.

 Along with making changes in my diet, I am excercising 30- minutes a day and  taking a whole food supplement for optimal health & wellness. 

To hold me accountable during this journey, I have decided to post periodic updates about my progress and I anticipate a successful weightloss journey over the next 30- days.

I invite you to join me in this weightloss journey and I look forward to your comments.

With health & wellness in mind,


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2 responses to “My Weight Loss Journey-Part 1

  1. Good luck on your Journey and that food list looks very good. One thing that is working for me is I drink 20-30 ounces of water before and after each meal. This really helps curb the cravings. If you are mainly doing cardio i would throw in some strength training 2-3 times per week. That will help with the weight loss also.

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