Need Ideas for your next Blog Post?

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Blogging is a great way to inspire others, however, it is common to get writers block. When you have a case of writers block, you have no desire or inspiration to write. Many of my blog ideas come from my personal experience and I find that people love to read about my business, health and travel experiences.

However, what happens when there is nothing juicy going on in my life?  Thats’ right, I have nothing to blog about. This is why I depend on google alerts and reading email as a back-up approach for blogging ideas. That’s right reading email!

I subscribe to at least 25 business newsletters and blogs. At least once a day I am inspired to blog on at least one of my blogs, after reading email. So, before you delete your email, read it…you just may be inspired to create your next blog post.

What inspires you to blog?

Happy Blogging!



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