My Latest e-book

My decision to open a Child Care Business was

 one of the best decisions that I have ever made in my life.


13 years ago I decided to quit my job as a Medical Assistant to start a childcare business in my home. My original goal for that business was to make enough money to stay home with my children and work from home. The business grew faster than I anticipated and within five years I expanded into a commercial location.

After operating my childcare center for over eight years, I developed a passion for teaching others what I’ve learned as a childcare business owner including: start-up their own childcare business and mangaing their businesses through my classes, webinars or ebooks.

If someone were to ask me today, What is the top question that you have ever been asked, I would say, ” How do I start a daycare?” This question inspired my latest e-book, “10 Steps to Starting up a Child Care Business.”

Feek free to take a look at the first seven pages of my e-book and read my entire business start-up story. If you or someone that you know wants to start-up  childcare business, be sure to tell them about this e-book.  Also, be sure to follow my 10 steps to starting up a childcare business Facebook page.

 It’s best to learn from someone that has been where you are trying to go!

What ever your goals and dreams my me, I challenge you to step out on faith and do what is in your heart. What are your goals and dreams? What’s stopping you from moving forward?



2 responses to “My Latest e-book

  1. Great tip! I sometimes get blogging ideas just from the TITLE of the e-mail!! Another trick I use is to go into forums in my niche. People are always talking about something and those topics can be extremely helpful. Happy blogging 🙂

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