Are You a Self Employed Woman?

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I am so please to inform you that there is a new website online and it is titled, She’s Self -Employed! Being self-employed simply means that it is up to you to make it happen. It also means that you write your own paycheck and you can do things your way in your very own company!  I’ve been writing my own pay check  and doing things my way since 1998 and I love it.

About She’s Self Employed

She’s Self-Employed is a site for the woman who writes her check, both literally and figuratively. Self-employment doesn’t come with a handbook. In many ways, you’re on your own, working without a net. She’s Self-Employed is a place where the women entrepreneur can find daily bits of relevant inspiration, information and motivation.

My Contributions

I am looking forward to contributing articles for the website on the subject of Leadership and Marketing Your Business Online. I am very passionate about both of these topics, because in order to grow as a business owner; you must develop the leader within you. Moreover, if you want to take your company global; you must develop an online marketing plan!

Check out  She’s Self Employed Website, For Chicks that write their own checks!

To Your Success!



7 responses to “Are You a Self Employed Woman?

    • Thank You! I am so glad that you stopped by my blog. This blog represents everthing that I love. I will soon have a parenting, travel and marriage page on the blog.

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