Women Business Owners, Join me on the CEO Mamma Network!

The CEO Mamma

I am so honored to be a guest writer for the CEOMamma Business Marketing Blog. The CEO Mamma network founded by Tamyka Washington, teaches women entrepreneurs how to successfully build a profitable business while operating on a limited budget. The CEO Mamma Network offers Empowerment and Inspiration For The Woman Entrepreneur!

The Mission of the CEO Mamma Network

To teach women entrepreneurs on a limited budget, how to build a successful and profitable business online and educate women on how to effectively utilize their time to implement strategic marketing techniques and tools that will help them grow their business.

I invite you to join me and many other Women Entrepreneurs at http://www.theceomamma.com and check out my latest  blog post on the CEO Mamma Business Marketing Blog at  http://theceomamma.com/blog/shiketa-morgan.


2 responses to “Women Business Owners, Join me on the CEO Mamma Network!

  1. Thanks Shiketa for sharing TheCEOMamma with your readers, I appreciate it! I’m so excited to have you as a guest writer for us and know your articles on Leadership will encourage and motivate other women in business to reach their highest potential!

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