You are Called to Walk in Greatness


The greatest thing that we can do is use everything we have been through

 both positive and negative and allow it to be the

Driving Force in making us GREATER! ~ Dr. Nylcole Lyles-Belton

As I look back over my life, I agree with Dr.Nycole Lyles-Belton, we really should consider using every situation (good or bad) in our life to drive us to greatness. I always love to use my business as an example, because business has been a place of success for me as well as a place of many failures. One thing that I have learned about failure, is that it does not mean quit. Failure is simply an opportunity to become great at what you do.  

What is the definition of Greatness? The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines greatness as: notably large in size; large in number or measure; full of emotion, exceptionally high quality and remarkably skilled. Now that you have the definition of greatness, it’s time to evaluate if you are walking in greatness. Moreover, the McMillian Dictionary defines greatness as: a position of power, success or respect; the large and impressive character of something.

After reading those definitions of Greatness, do you feel that you are walking in Greatness?  Are you on your way to Greatness or walking away from Greatness?  Where ever you may be on your path to greatness, just know that it is vital that you stay on the path of greatness and know that you are destined to walk in Greatness.

Dr. Nycole Lyles-Belton, Author of  “30 Days to Greatness,” a Spiritual/Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Mentor and Educator wants to inspire and empower you to discover your greatness and walk in it!

 Why Did Dr. Nycole Lyles- Belton write the Book “30 Days to Greatness?”

Her  heartfelt desire is to see people in a place of fulfillment in their lives, which would cause them to meet and exceed the goals that they have placed in front of themselves. She also wanted to be able to give any and everyone who read her book the understanding that they had/have some serious choices to make in their lives if they want to move from their current mental, emotional and spiritual status to an even greater level. It was and is very important to get the message out that our true worth and value can not be priced because we are Priceless. Who we are is not based upon items we possess, our careers, our money, gained notoriety, education or physical stature.  Who we are is based upon our Content (What’s Within Us) and not our Context  (What is Taking Place Around Us).

The Top 3 Reasons That Dr. Nycole Lyles-Belton Believes Hinder People From Walking in Greatness?

  1. Holding Onto Past Hurt and Issues Which Causes Low Self-Esteem, Loss of Desire to Produce Greatness and Prohibits One From Reaching Their Potential and Destiny
  2. Living Down to the Expectations of Others
  3.  Not Taking Ownership of Their Own Lives Thus Causing Them NOT to Fight for What They Deserve but Instead Accepting Anything That is Given to Them

Key Steps to Walking in your Greatness as Recommended by Dr. Lyles-Belton

( In the words of Dr. Nycole Lyles-Belton)

“We MUST know who we are and accept who we are…. Flaws and All.  I often say, “You must fall madly and deeply In Love With YOU”!

“It is essential that we work on us, which is not always the easiest thing to do. Working on us may entail some discomfort because this means that we pull off the mask and we see ourselves for who we are both good and bad. We must also know that the past is the past and we can’t go back and fix what happened or what did not happen but what we can do is look back at the past and use it as a stepping-stone to thrust us into Greatness.” 

“We must know that if we are still alive, we have purpose yet to be fulfilled. The greatest thing that we can do is use everything we have been through both positive and negative and allow it to be the Driving Force in making us GREATER!’  “Let’s Look at the past and say, “Thanks For Making Me A Fighter”!

30 Days To Greatness

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