A Place of Reflection for 2011

Every year during the month of Decemeber, I reflect on all that I have done during the year. 2010 has been a great year for me and my family. One of the things that I wanted more than anything was a 15 passenger van for my childcare center and we were able to purchase the van with much sacrifice.

To assure that we were able to buy the van, we sacrificed family vacations and my staff sacrificed their annual staff retreat at the lake of the ozarks. This has taught me that what ever you want you can have it if you are focused and determined to get it.

Next year, I have set several goals and they are as follows:

  • Study the Word of God More and Live in the Spirit More
  • Spend more time with my family
  • Travel More
  • Develop a State of the Art Child Care Business
  • Only work 2 days a week at my Business
  • Write e-books that are on my heart to publish
  • Create a Garden
  • Narrow my Online focus to mainly Business/Childcare

This is just a small list of goals that I have set for myself for next year and I already feel much lighter in my spirit after eliminating  low pay-off task.  As I evaluated my value system, spending time with my family and enjoying life has become more important to me than anything else.

 Operating a business comes easy, however, when you have an awesome business team, you really shouldn’t be needed that much except for casting vision and giving direction. Teaching and writing is my place of purpose and it is what my heart desires in this season of my life and I am going to embrace it!

I inspire you to really reflect on what  is important to you and do more of what you love in 2011.

With Inspiration,


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